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Unlike most jury simulation companies, Case Evaluation, Inc. is completely customizable for an attorney’s needs. We handle everything from large scale simulations with multiple jury panels to small focus groups. Our ultimate goal is to provide attorneys with a window into what really happens behind the closed doors of the jury deliberation room.


Case Evaluation, Inc. has successfully recruited and managed hundreds of highly diverse mock jurors for our jury simulations. Utilizing our Juror Evaluation Recruitment Process and based on our founding attorney’s years of experience as a civil trial lawyer in Florida, our company reasonably attempts to screen jurors to eliminate those whom we believe would normally be struck for cause or peremptorily by either side at trial.

In addition, we host jury simulations in your own backyard. Our company comes to your Florida county to perform our jury simulations and only uses jurors that reside in your county, to better give you an insight into how a jury selected in your county will deliberate on your case. If you have a jury simulation project that requires Case Evaluation, Inc.’s industry-leading juror recruitment and case management resources and experiences, please complete our Service Inquiry form and one of our experts will contact you.

Disclaimer: Although we do our best to simulate your case, there are many factors that go into a successful jury trial. These factors cannot be directly simulated. These factors have to do with the accuracy of your presentation at the jury simulation, ultimately the judge's rulings at trial, how the information comes out of trial, etc. No matter what, we all know that when we go to trial, no matter how many jury simulations we've done, no matter how prepared we are, we are still "rolling the dice".


Our standard process for presenting your case is to bring in a sufficient amount of jurors, in whichever Florida County your case is set, so that you have at least two jury panels to deliberate on your case. The jurors will be presented with the facts of your case, and will then break into selected jury panels to deliberate and reach a verdict. All of the proceedings, from the main room presentation of the case to the individual jury deliberation rooms, are recorded by video for you and the footage is provided for you on a DVD shortly after the simulation.

We are also completely flexible based on attorneys needs. We can set-up any type of simulation, from a small scale focus group, all the way up to large scale, multiple jury panel presentations.

How you want to present your case to the jurors is completely up to you! Some attorneys choose to present the evidence as a neutral mediator so the jurors never know the presenter is an attorney representing one side. Other attorneys choose to bring in several attorneys from their office to present the evidence as Plaintiff and Defense attorneys.

In addition, how you want to present the physical evidence is customizable. Some attorneys have their own equipment and presentation ideas, while others use different options we have. One option we provide, for example, is our state of the art trial presentation software that we set up for you. We then use this software to present documents, photographs, videos, or other exhibits to the jury.


Another popular option of evidence presentation, often combined with the first option, is for the attorney who hired us to bring in their own client or witnesses in the case. Bringing in your client to answer questions is something we highly recommend for all attorneys. We have now done this on at least 30 different simulations, and find that that is helpful:

  1. Because you get to hear all of the issues, problems, etc. the real jurors will want and need to know at trial in your case.
  2. Your client has an opportunity to present their story in front of a group of strangers and get used to what is often an uncomfortable situation, such as they will face in a courtroom.
  3. You get to see and record how your client testifies, and get jury feedback about your client’s believability and speaking ability.


Once the evidence has been presented to the jury and they have broken into jury panels, you will be able to monitor all of their deliberations via closed circuit television that we set up. The closed circuit television is set up in a separate room apart from the jury, and allows you to watch both sets of jury panels deliberate live. This allows you not only to get immediate feedback into the thinking of the jurors, but also allows you to control the jury panels and remove any potential “rogue jurors” who are skewing the deliberation process.

At the end of the jury evaluation, we provide attorneys with invaluable information about their case. This includes video footage of the entire proceedings, witness/attorney evaluation forms completed by the jurors, individual juror verdicts, jury verdicts from the entire jury panel, and much more.

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