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Luncheon Scheduled for
April 28, 2016 By Invitation Only

Have you ever gone to mediation wondering what your case was worth? Ever come out of mediation thinking maybe you should have asked for more and that maybe you settled for too little? Ever gone to trial and lost and wondered why, but didn't know?

Well, now, you can get a darn good idea of the worth of your case by doing a jury simulation, or combine a focus group with a jury simulation. Why would you want to spend days, or even weeks in trial, when you could have settled your case for what it was worth much earlier, and not wasted your life in a courtroom.

That's the purpose of our service. To give you a valuation of your case, and for you to learn the strong points and weak points of your case.

If you have never seen a jury deliberate, you would be shocked with how they decide a case, what makes them 'tick', and what they care about--not what you think is important. The only way to find out is to do one of these.

Attorney Dan Cytryn, a board certified civil trial attorney for more than 20 years, having tried more than 100 jury trials, and having argued more than 30 appeals, including 2 in the Florida Supreme Court, has begun to offer the services of his jury simulation company, Case Evaluation, Inc., to other law firms in South Florida. Mr. Cytryn has been in practice now for 35 years and has participated in more than 200 jury simulations with three different jury simulation companies. He has had more than 15 cases with jury verdicts of $1,000,000.00 or more.

Case Evaluation, Inc. is hosting a free lunch at the restaurant Timpano on April 28, 2016 beginning at noon, with registration beginning at 11:45AM. By attending and ultimately using our service, you will:

  1. Learn how to win those cases that you should be winning.
  2. Settle those cases that you can't win or are unlikely to win.
  3. Learn what is important and not important to jurors (not what YOU think is important).
  4. Properly advise your clients of the potential verdict range they stand to obtain from a jury verdict in the county where your case will be tried.
  5. Bring your client to see how they do in front of a large jury panel and let them get the practice they need in front of a 'crowd'.

We have developed a different method than others of simulating a jury. In fact, there are several differences from what we do than many other jury simulation companies:

  1. First, we do our best to make certain that we emulate the demographics of the prospective jurors in the county where the case will be tried, by race, by age, and by political party affiliation.
  2. Second, jurors are prescreened with a fairly detailed case specific questionnaire designed to eliminate those jurors that would likely be struck certainly for cause, or struck by either side with peremptory challenges.
  3. We can have one lawyer argue both sides of the case, for both plaintiff and defendant, to create an equal playing field, so the simulation is not based upon the qualities and abilities of the lawyer.
  4. We can have up to 3 jury panels deliberate at one time, and film two of them while you watch.
  5. We can begin with a focus group format and still allow the jury panels to deliberate and reach a verdict.
  6. As you watch the jury panels deliberate, you can actually walk in and correct any misconceptions or re-instruct them so the jury panels are on the right track.
  7. You can bring your client to testify and allow the jurors to ask your client questions under a controlled environment (the jurors will not know that that is your client who is testifying, and in fact, the jurors should not know which side has sponsored the jury simulation).
  8. After your client testifies, the jurors will complete an evaluation form of the credibility and believability of your client.
  9. For those law firms that legitimately cannot afford to pay the full price of the jury simulation up front, these jury simulations will be available on a case by case basis on a letter of protection for an increased price with minimum money down.

From this exercise, you will be able to do the following:

  1. Have a jury range of the value of your case.
  2. Be able to intelligently, when you walk into mediation and trial, have reasonable expectations of what a jury in your county will return as a verdict in any particular case.
  3. If done early enough, be able to develop strategies for discovery of information that the jurors deem important, many items of which you as an attorney would have never thought would be important to a jury's deliberation.

A question and answer session with Mr. Cytryn will follow the presentation.

Registration to begin at 11:45AM

Florida Bar CLE credit will be sought.

By invitation only. If you want to invite someone else from your firm, please inquire with us.

This free seminar is limited to the first 35 attorneys to RSVP to 954-840-2900

It is limited to attorneys and law firms who do not represent or defend insurance companies
(only plaintiff's attorneys).

We will be applying for one hour of CLE credit from the Florida Bar for this luncheon.

Free self-parking for lunch at 450 East Las Olas Blvd parking garage directly in back of Timpano's - not valet. Receive brown ticket in garage and display on dashboard. Then, receive blue ticket in Timpano's after lunch for free self-parking.

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