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After realizing that it is virtual malpractice to go to trial without having some idea of what your case is worth, our founding attorney decided more than ten years ago to begin simulating every one of his firm’s cases that potentially would go to trial. After running a jury simulation on cases that merited it, he found that he would no longer be scratching his head at mediation as to whether his case was worth $150,000 or $1,000,000.

Although the message from jury simulation panels is not foolproof, it is designed to give some level of confidence regarding the value a jury might give to a particular case. The questions from jurors during the presentation of the case, along with the juror’s statements during deliberations in reaching a group verdict, provide a plethora of information as to what questions to ask at depositions, what questions to ask at trial, how much weight jurors give to different aspects of a case, and what issues may upset, motivate, or confuse jurors.

Here at Case Evaluation, Inc., we have combined the best from all the jury simulation companies our founding attorney has had the opportunity to work with, to create a company dedicated to providing insightful information on your case from jury panels composed of qualified jurors in your venue.

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